there are things in life that baffle me. aerodynamics, thermodynamics, love, chemistry, trigonometry, etc. but lately the most baffling concept to me is bands who think that they deserve to be in the spotlight and don't appreciate the fan's that put them there. i know my place, when people come to show's i am there for them, they did not come to see me. i am nothing more than an entertainer and am no more important than any of the people that i perform for. i wanted to say thank you for those who have come to see anberlin; i appreciate every song you have sung along with, every clap of your hands, every moment of your life you have shared with us, and every picture you have allowed me to take with you. i am sorry if i have ever acted like a rockstar to anyone, i would have never intentionally done that to anyone, but everyone makes mistakes. please give me another chance. please don't think you are bothering me when you get on stage and sing along, come ask me for my signiture in a restaurant, or tell me a story of how my music has related to a situation in my life.
i was watching a smith's DVD and one of the coolest things ever is when some people in the crowd fought there way on to stage just to hug morrissey, i thought that was the greatest thing i had ever seen. they weren't getting up on stage to show off or jump off, they were up there just to show the band how appreciative they were of the bands music. i'm so down with that, so if ever you feel the need to jump on stage just grab me, i'll never be mad.
i am on stage because of you.
much in your debt,


Anonymous said…
like the time I smacked your ass while you were in the middle of a song, haha. Im glad that was appreciated.
<3 Erin
Matt Mc said…
Man, back in March we came to see you guys play down in Lafayette, LA, and we got to meet you after the show. If you happen to remember, we were the ones that drove 3 hours. We thought it was so cool that you would just stand there and shoot the bull with us, talking about songs and whatnot. It was one of the most pleasant experiences I've had meeting a band.
Anonymous said…
I can speak for pretty much 99.98% of fans of your band out there when i say that we ARE there to see you (and all our favorite bands play when out at a show.) I dont know what brings more joy, watching bands' expressions when fans sing and clap along, or being among the crowds of fans singing along and having fun.
This may be contradictory to your post, but it really does mean alot when you and other musicians stop and acknowledge their fans. Thank you!!
Anonymous said…
see this is what caught my attention, how amazing you seemed. i loved the music and you seemed so nice. its great to see someone who loves their fans. this proves true love for what you do and your fans. its so great what you do and i will always love you guys. forever and ever and ever
Anonymous said…
Hey, I was at your show in Denver, and a) you guys are INCREDIBLE- and b)consider this a virtual hug for the one I didn't give you while you were on stage.

Anonymous said…
-How well do I treat people of who I can gain nothing?
-Do my circumstances affect my character?
-Do I put my goals before others?
-Am I the same person in the spotlight as I am when I am alone?
Anonymous said…
I appreciate the autographs and the pictures and the chats we've had after the two shows I've seen Anberlin play, but it was the one time you grabbed my hand while you sang, "and I've still got your hand" that meant the most to me. It's not just being there for your fans after the show, it's being there for them during the show too. Thanks, and my God bless you every day for the places you travel to and the people you travel there for.

Amberae said…
You and your band mates are some of the nicest people ive met.
You were never to buisy for a photo or taking online ... thats not something you find a lot lately with bands .. It shows how much you really care. And I appreciate your time and expehsally the photopass for the show in Boston Ma.

I hope you come around again soon so we can take more pictures and all that :) But untill then you know my screen name
( thexamberfashion) dont hesitate to im me

<3 Amberae
Heather said…
although this was posted nearly a year ago (i was just wandering around and found it),i felt i should comment. the first time i had heard of anberlin was back in october when you were touring with story of the year. i rememeber that right after you had finished "paperthin hymn", i looked at my best friend next to me and at the same time we both went "wow". from that moment i was hooked. last sunday i went to see you guys at the creepy crawl in st. louis. when we were in line to get in, i looked over and saw you with a few of the guys from the opening bands. i almost came over but was decided against it because i figured you wouldn't want to be bothered (which after reading this i regret). by the time you hit the stage i had worked my way up as far as i could. there were 3 people between us and the stage. it was one of the most amazing feelings to be standing there with my best friend, that close to the stage, listening to music that means so much to me. after the show, when we were out back i was hoping you'd get back there but there were no signs. after getting pictures with the lead singer of cute is what we aim for and nathan i decided to leave. (i didn't want to make the people i was with stand out in the rain).

well this is longer than i expected and honestly, i really don't know what the point of it was. i guess since i didn't get to meet you that night i just wanted to let you know how much you, your band, and your music mean to me. and i do realize there is a slim chance of you even reading this since it's so old but i figured this would be the appropriate place to put it. thanks for everything. really.
micah said…
i know this post is pretty old now, but this just got me thinking of when i met you last year after a show and how much it meant to me that you would take time to talk to me and cared about what i had to say. it was a small gesture, but still means a lot because of how much your songs have meant to me throughout the past four years. i remember telling you i read modesty and then you thanked me for that. it was really cool to have you thanking me for something after all your music has meant to me. thank you very much for the music and the writing.
Lizzy said…
it thrills me more than anything to feel appreciated by a person or group of people that i admire.

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