less than 5 minutes! please help fight trafficking!

modesty readers! this will take you less than five minutes to do but can make a HUGE difference in the fight against human trafficking.

the senate foreign relations committee is on the brink of making a huge decision. we need to make as much noise as we can, letting the committee know that Human Trafficking needs to be stopped, and they need to make the issue a priority.

please contact the state department and ask them to confirm Lou de Baca as mbassador at large to monitor and combat human trafficking at the state department. having a person in place to oversee trafficking could make a massive difference in getting laws passed, people protected, and justice served for people who have been trafficked.

senator john kerry is the head of the senate foreign relations committee
Phone 202-224-4651 is the majority office phone number.


senator richard lugar is the minority leader of the committee.
phone 202-224-6797 is the Minority office phone number
please call or go on their websites and contact them any way you want.
thank you!!!!!
-stephen christian

if you just want to cut and paste you can use this template:

Dear Senator
We are writing you to ask you to confirm Lou de Baca as Ambassador at Large to monitor and combat human trafficking at the state department. Having a person like Mr. De Baca in place to oversee trafficking has the potential to make a massive difference the lives of those who have been trafficked, and could put a significant dent in future victims of trafficking.

I am asking you to please fight against human trafficking by; passing laws for stiffer penalties for those who traffic women, protecting the victims and their rights, and fight against this atrocity worldwide.

Thank you,


mel. said…
have you heard of invisible children? i think it might be an organization you would be interested in.
Lisa said…
mission complete.
this makes me very happy that progress may be made.
Lena said…
There is hope yet!
k.rizzle said…
thanks for helping get the word out Stephen. you are good people.
eve said…
Placed a call to the office of Richard Lugar and left a message. They say they will get back to me with my concerns. I will let you know IF they really do. I am a resident living within 15 minutes of the Senator. I hope he takes this seriously :) Thanks for the information.

p.s. the word verification for this post is "SOME LARD" I thought that was funny!
Latrina said…
Done! Thank you so much for this, something HAS to be done about human trafficking! I hope our emails & phone calls make a difference.

I am going to make a note of this on both my website and Facebook to let others know how they can help as well.
Julie said…
I hate traffic! It's hard enough getting to work on time. Thanks for bringing this to my attention--time to start thinking about pubic transportation.

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