think global.

"A true revolution of values will soon cause us to question the fairness and justice of many of our past and present policies. A revolution of values will soon look uneasily on the glaring contrast between poverty and wealth. With righteous indignation, it will look across the seas and see individual capitalists in the West investing huge sums of money in Asia, Africa, and South America only to take profits out with no concern for the social betterment of the countries, and say: 'This is not just.'"
- Martin Luther King Jr.


Jen said…
Stephen, everytime I read your posts I am filled with inspiration.

Thank you for that.

and re: your previous post >> I will be back flying back to Perth in time to watch both of your gigs so I want you to remember my name because I'm going to hug you. Or at least shake your hand and get a picture. ha!

So remember: JEN JEN JEN JEN JEN
Anonymous said…
i subscribe to sojourners too
poolphoto said…
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poolphoto said…
hey man.
i have recently found your blogspot. hope you dont mind me reading it. i find it real interesting and educational. thank you for being so supportive to your fans, and not being one of those cocky rockstar jerks. we all really appreciate people like that. i dont update on my blog.
but you can go check me out.
dont me to promote, but thats the only way you can find me
- taylor
Anonymous said…
Hey i just saw this i really love your music and you do an awesome job.
Jon H. said…
Hey man,
I IMed you a while ago on the Anberlin boards, but I'm sure you get thousands of those so you wouldn't remember me. However, I did make a comment as to how you are always surrounded by a gaggle of 14yr. olds at your concerts. I guess this is a comment to your previous post. I worked at a Church camp this summer as a counselor and my campers woke up every morning to your NTFP cd. Keep rockin'. I don't know if you return comments, but I don't keep up a site on here. But, I am subscribed to you on myspace (along with 500 others). or

Keep rockin' man, sometimes, it's the only thing that keeps you sane.

Anonymous said…
Stephen, Ive looked through just about all of your entries to see if you had any posts on your opinions with homosexuality. Do you?

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