the begining of subtle ends

January 1st. the beginning of subtle ends. every year we make these grandiose statements about ideas and goals we hope to attain overnight. literally, as if making a promise at midnight will hold up till noon the next day. i say forget new years resolutions. life is not about make 100% changes overnight.
life is not a sprint to get what we want, but a slow and steady marathon to things we know we can become. if we decide to change our life i vote that it not be a dramatic turnaround, because we assimilate to the comfortable. instead try theory of 1%. whatever the goal is don’t blitzkrieg to attain but be slow and steady.
is your office a mess? don’t organize the entire thing today, because in a month you will be right back to where you started. instead take today to file 1% of the items on your desk. tomorrow do 1% more, and the next day do 1% more. in no time you will be where you want to be, and naturally you will teach yourself the invaluable lesson of organization.
do you want to learn piano, this daunting task in not something obtained overnight, this is done through hours of practice, start with just 5 min. a day, don’t do more, be strict with 5 min. alone. then each week add 1% more. you can do it. and you won’t be tempted to give up, because who doesn’t have 5 min.?
saying that i have determined to write for myself 101 goals for myself this year, im only up to 64, its a lot harder than it sounds. but im on my way. even if only accomplish half, hey that's 50.5 goals accomplished! in case your stuck on your first few a couple of my goals are...
1. draw closer to family
2. finish book
3. set 101 goals
4. spend less/invest more
5. pay bills on time
6. refuse to be lazy
7. develop better writing skills
8. read more/watch less
9. finish solo EP
10. drink less coffee/ drink more water

can i change this overnight? heck no! but if i watch 1 tv show a day instead of 2, and read a book for that half an hour i have accomplished 2 of my goals. ok so i have to learn my own theory of 1% and maybe just watch 55 min. of msnbc and the history channel and not an hour i can change.

you can change! you can accomplish those new years resolutions but don’t try it ‘cold turkey’. try a slow meticulous conscience change, and the outcome will be much more effective.
have a wonderful 2006 my dear friends,


MH said…
Interesting. Taking things one day at a time makes it much easier.

My goals for the year, funnily enough, didn't come New Year's Day, but over the course of December refused to be let go.

So far, so good. I intend to make it through the Bible in one year, two chapters twice a day at a time.

It works to take things slowly.
deb said…
it helps if you set goals for the day/week as well as the year. right now, my goal for the week is to pack away all my holiday things and clean my room. it's been messy for the past two years.
Scooby said…
Good luck following through with your goals, Esteban. My one goal this year is to be in the center of God's will. That encompasses a lot more than even I can imagine at this point, but I just want to be there. The first step? Mission work in England for six months. I start in less than a week.
KP said…
I kind of hate to say this- but, I think that one of your goals should be to come back to Denver. It can, however, be very low on your priority list.

I also made a list of things I want (or need) to do. It was written in green marker, and it's hanging on my wall. So far- I've already checked off one thing. It was fulfilling.

I hope you find what you're looking for.
Kaila said…
Reading this I had a grin on my face the whole time.
I never thought of taking it slowly.
And good luck with the goals.
I will keep you in my prayers.
And by the way, you are an AMAZING writer and I know you know that. It's great you are trying to get better.
You know that there is always room to grow. That's just wonderful.
I just adore you!
(And that KP person is write about coming back to Denver. Or COlorado Springs would be even better. Hah)
Erundur said…
As far as resolutions go, I'm with you.

As far as places you should play in Colorado, I vote for Boulder.
Lindsay said…
I'm very glad you wrote on this subject. I have always been opposed to new year's resolutions because, as we all find, they never work. But your theory seems very interesting and I'm going to try it myself.

My personal goals, not resolutions, vary from becoming more positive to becoming better with my guitar to toning my body (sounds quite cliche to me but oh well..) so yea...i'm interested to see how things turn out.

So far the new year has been trying. And we're only on the sixth day? I hope things pick up quickly. But finding you updated helped quite a lot ;)

Good luck on your goals. I hope you are satisfied with your end result this time next year.
Meggios said…
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Meggios said…
Also, it helps to tell someone your goals. They can (if they are dependable), help keep you accountable with your goals.

I decided this year that my goal would be to continue with my goals from last year. If you don't succeed with your goals, why not continue to strive after making them.

I think people should also make short & long term goals. If a person takes a big goal & breaks it down into smaller levels, it is easier to acheive your goal.

To all those who made goals this year- Good Luck & may God Bless you on your journey!!!!
Lianne said…
Not really about new years resolutions... not really on time either, but still: HAPPY 2006, SIR! I wish you all the best available.
joshgrigs said…
hey stephen - just was dropping by to say i really enjoy your writings here at the modesty writers guild. honestly a lot of the things you write about give me a new perspective on things in my life, and shows me that there still are a few good people left out there. i actually play in a band called houston calls - we played one show with you and allister down at the social, which was more than an honor - i'm quite excited to hear the solo record, considering that i love your work with anberlin, and i love aaron marsh's work with copeland, and with both creative minds working together it will be nothing short of amazing. so keep up the writing and cheers to making goals for 2006 - this year should be a good one my friend, good luck in everything that you do.
Anonymous said…
you think you can change yourself back into a virgin?
the "L" word. said…
Agree with the Boulder statement.
And KP, I love you.

pjuvthv in slanty blue
Claudia said…
this is a really good idea, and so is the 1% theory. I would love to try something like this soon - maybe the end of this year?
oh, and i loved your goal number 3 - set 101 goals :)

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