so very humbled...

thanks guys for the overwhelming response to the trip to haiti. i had no idea that you guys cared about the rest of the world with such exhilarating passion! so that being said i am running 50 more lithographs, this time on even thicker paper and with metallic ink. due to the cost of this (and shipping) these posters are going to be $20. again ALL the money raised from this poster pay for supplies to build, transportation, food, & sleeping arrangement. please contact me @
thanks so much!
your indebted friend,
stephen christian


kris said…
will you be bringing any to your show this saturday?
James said…
Hey, this is pretty crazy. But you guys are playing in Urbana, IL. At that point in time, i will be 1 month and a half away from my 18th b-day. Being as i am not wanting to get in for alcohol, but to see you and Emery. You couldnt do anything, could ya?
Anonymous said…
Could you give us an idea of the type of expense you are facing so that maybe we can help in other ways?
MH said…
How long is delivery on this lithograph supposed to be?

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