Food for Brides; starvation in kenya, africa

As many of you know anberlin has been involved with world vision for some time. on the last tooth and nail tour we raised money to build wells in kenya, africa. this region is drying up, and because of that many familes are trading food for young girls who are then forced into marriage's against their will.

this is a report world vision issued today:

Ruth Nthambi is a delighted recipient of maize provided at a World Vision food distribution in Kenya. Photo by Kari Costanza. Drought-fueled poverty is compelling children to drop out of school and forcing young girls into unwanted, early marriage, according to World Vision relief staff.

Field Officer Abraham Losinyen, who oversees food distribution in eastern Kenya's Makueni district, said the practice was often a family's last resort in a desperate situation.

"Many families have to marry off their young daughters to people who can give them food. It's a trend that will likely increase as long as the crisis becomes bigger and bigger," he reports.

Staff in the area estimate as many as one in 10 families will have a girl who weds early because of the drought.

Among those feeling the pressure is mother Ruth Nthambi. Her youngest children already display the orange-tinged hair of the undernourished, and lack of food and cash is keeping them out of school.

Nthambi said it was becoming more and more tempting to send her 10-year-old daughter Kathina to Nairobi to work, or find someone to marry her.

Three years ago Nthambi had sent another daughter to Nairobi during difficult times. She ended up marrying a gas station attendant when she was 14 years old, much to her mother's dismay.

"Obviously, I'm sure the same thing will happen if I don't get some money," Nthambi says. "I am not happy, but there's nothing I can do about it."

Her daughter Kathina says she wants to continue her schooling and eventually become a teacher but worries the drought may rob her of that opportunity.

"Early marriage is bad. It's bad because children should go to school," she says.

Nthambi's mood improved a few hours later when she benefited from a World Vision food distribution, where she was able to collect a maize ration for each member of her family.

"Now the children will have something to eat. Because of the food distribution the children can go to school," she expresses with joy.

About 14 million people are suffering from hunger in East Africa, chiefly due to drought. World Vision is conducting extensive relief operations throughout the region.

Get Involved
Provide emergency food aid to Africa.
Sponsor a HopeChild in a high-HIV prevalence country in Africa such as Kenya.
Support Food Aid funding.
Pray for rain in East Africa! And that World Vision would be able to successfully plan and implement programs that would insulate communities against the effects of drought.

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Anonymous said…

I sponsor a boy child in Kenya. Also have some friends who run a home for boys there infected with HIV. Please pray for me. I am looking into medical school and may be heading toward the bush!
The story about your mom and the hospital really impacted me along with some other very large key factors leading me in that direction! Thank you for sharing that. I told you once before, it is amazing how when He is doing something in your life everything seems to impact and point in the same direction Your story about your mom and this article on Africa are just like that.
Fuel for the fire.

P.S. I was flipping on the television at a remote cabin in the woods of Baldwin, MI today and I heard A Day Late being played on Regis and Kelly before a commercial break!
Not that it matters, but it is kind of sweet to hear.

Hilary said…
so how do you go about volunteering to go help in these places? and how do you know which organizations wont waste the money? i think its great that you guys brought a cause out on tour with you. it opens up so many kids to a life they will luckily never have to see.
Meggios said…
Hey, so when are you going to go out on the field with world vision?There's this website called the Hunger site, which is amazing. They get sponsers to help raise money, based on how many people click on their site each day. You should check out this link:

If you put up a link to this site on one of your pages, people can click on it to take them to the site. It's something extremely easy that loads of people can do for free. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!!!!
Uncle Tom said…
I took a moment at work this am to visit your wbsite briefly. What I saw in the last few moments amazed me! Excellent writings, thoughts and vision! Keep up the good work and fighing the good fight! My prayers are with you! God Bless You!...Uncle Tom

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