i just got back about twenty minutes ago. i want to write all about it. and i will. but give me a little time to take a shower (the first in almost two weeks) and to sleep. you were in my thoughts.


alonsa said…
Those trips are usually the best. No shower and all the true you. I stayed in Jamaica for 3 months one summer and the only showers we got were when it rained. I would do it every summer if I could. I hope your trip was a good experience for you and the live you touched. God does amazing things when you go out of your comfort zone and into a culture that is nothing like your own.
Vanze said…
Woah, didn't know you went with Knate to Haiti! You defniately have to tell us about it!! Gosh, those kids are so cute!
God bless you, Stephen!

Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Awesome!! Can't wait to hear all about it. There is nothing like going to another country and getting perspective.
Anonymous said…
I've been to Haiti twice and both trips were awesomely amazing. I can't wait to hear about your trip and all the wonderful things God is doing in a country that is close to my heart. The Haitian people are some of the most passionate people I've ever had the joy of working with, and the children are all adorable.
Sarah Noel said…
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dreams&tears said…
i cant wait to hear about it. i hope you guys had an amazing time
deb said…
ahh. showers. one of the luxuries of the modern world. i have only gone two days without a shower and that was terrible. i don't know what i would do if i was denied that for a period of more than two days.

looking forward to your perspectives.
Anonymous said…
Woah. I'm taking off to Kyrgyzstan in a couple of months so it's kind of nuts to see other people doing that as well... good to see, though.

Hilary said…
i cant wait to hear how the trip went! lots of stories i hope!

ps the vow sounds like they would put on quite a captivating show.. i hopefully i'll find out!
Anonymous said…
Awesome!! :)

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