anchor&braille update

anchor&braille has a new merch store.
if you want to create a design for A&B i would love to see anything you come up with!
-stephen christian


Anonymous said…
I'm really jealous that you're friends with Loretta Lux and I'm not. A bunch of Kalamazoo kids really dig her art... so of course I told them they should check out Anchor and Braille.

Anonymous said…
You should use the Loretta Lux pics for t-shirts, that would be really cool, and to me it represents Anchor and Braille. The other designs are good, but when I think of anchor and braille I see the children and the colors.
just my opinion.

-A :)
Christopher said…
Jannus Landing show was awesome. good times and I'm glad I finally had the opportunity to meet you
Ben2theEdge said…
Stephen, that monster shirt is quite possibly the coolest thing ever in the history of T-shirts. It's that cool.
Mich said…
yes agreed, keep to the children theme and the colors! defintiely associate A&B with that.

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