response to "how can i help?" emails

my friends.
i am coming to you in response to several of you emailing me and asking how you can support my trip to india, well i am not one for charity concerning myself but did indeed find a way for you to help. even though my trip is paid for we could always use help with building supplies and there are some others that really want to go on the trip that need to make ends meet just to go. i still have about 30 of the lithographs still available that i designed for our haiti trip. email me at and i will give you more details how you can order the lithograph and help support our trip to calcutta, india. if you did not get a chance to read about the trip you can click here for more information.
thanks so much,


Christopher said…
when does the anchor and braille cd come out??
Alice said…
Love it! Thank you again and when the time comes have a safe trip! I'll be keeping you all in my prayers.
laurafee said…
you went to India? wow, i bet that was an incredible trip...

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