when life was young, with summer tongues.

tear tear tear
off your skin
whats there within.
life on wooden swings
when all was young,
with summer tongues.
i i i
don't care to know
whose been before.
oh we could stand to run
nev'r look back at trains or tracks

and i'll kiss you in london
love you in france
sunsets in germany
spain we could slowdance,
somewhere outside,
somewhere outside.

wake wake wake
from lover's kept, on slumbers bed
your white like ghosts
so innocent, so innocent.

days in quiet'r homes
when life was young,
with summer tongues.
is this what you saw,
year ago
and farther from homes.

and i'll kiss you in london
love you in france
sunsets in germany
spain we could slowdance,
somewhere outside,
somewhere outside.

please please please
just come with me
to distant reach
what holds you back
from walks away
and needs to stay.

there there there
somewhere out there
are rooms to spare

skin paled like before
when life was young,
with summer tongues.



Anonymous said…
Difference of a Moment

Before I saw you
Life seemed mundane
Doing the have-to's, the need-to's
It was always the same

Years had gone by
Feeling needed, not wanted
A background scene in my own show
Feelings of self unrealized

Deserving of nothing
No longer searching
Hiding and cringing and
Fading and fading

Then I saw you
I stood enchanted
Your eyes drew me in
All my weights were lifted

A crowded room,
Blinding lights,
Your eyes met mine,
And all became right

My soul awakened,
Once again I existed

Now I can breathe
Try, fail, and succeed
Now I can dream
Because you saw ME
Friend that was beautiful and the poem in response wonderful as well.

Keep up that great work!!
Alice-Bo-Balice said…
Beautiful poem. I like it a lot.
Heather said…
i really like your poem and the one in response.
Janelle said…
Love it.
that is beautiful...so bittersweet.
i love it
OceansOfLight said…
Stephen, you will always inspire me.

That poem was quite amazing. I was captivated throughout the whole thing.

I hope to see more beautiful poetry soon.

mistygardens said…
I think this poem is so beautiful... I wish I had written it myself. Absolutely lovely. Thank you:)
Anonymous said…
To whom it may concern;

You have captured my heart although I cannot tell you this for it would seem like I wasnt sincere only just another fan.

I dont know how it happened but it has and how I wish it wouldn't have.

I have never known anyone like you before and I can honestly say j'adore. I have prayed and prayed for someone like you to appear and now it seems that you are here.

Unfortunately, this is a long shot, hopes and dreams that are surreal. If our paths were never meant to cross then that would've been a shame, but they did and you knew my name.

I have only known you for a short time, but yet feel like its been years. If you weren't who you are I could tell you how I feel and you would know I was sincere.

Unfortunately, there are so many fans and I am just another pretty face in the crowd. So, formatively I am telling you now....I love you and mean every word, I needed my heart to be heard.

Life is too short to live in fear so I have told you and now my mind is clear.
Anonymous said…
"cause anywhere with you, is everywhere i want to be...lets run away...run away with me."
sj. said…
wow. the poem was just surreal and the one in response as well.
Radchel said…
I feel like I've seen part of that before. Where's it from?
I like it a lot. Lovely indeed.
Meg-a-roni said…
This is my life in a nutshell!!!! Thanks for opening my heart and my life. I live to love and love to live, yet it hurts when you are let down. Good thing the beauty of the world is always there to remind me of my true love and the one who will never let me down. Thanks for sharing!!!
Anonymous said…
That is beautiful, Stephen.
You happened to publish it here on my birthday.
Anonymous said…
for the record... i didn't write the profession and i wouldn't want you to think that i had. i state this because if i were you i think i'd suspect me or at least place me on the top 25 list of possibility. the reality is, i could have written something like that 5 years ago. actually i did, but that was before modesty so i hand delivered it to you rather than posted it online for the world to see. i was foolish then, and i suppose a bit crazy, perhaps stupid. i promise there's no marie, there is no kathryn langdon (except for your friend in ohio), and there is no anonymous unless we're talking about my last name. that would be blank, but it's not unknown - at least not to you. ~kmb
Anonymous said…
wow, this is great. i love it. i've came back to this post a few times just to read it again and again.
dana said…
this is amazing. this would make a beautiful song. have you tried setting it to music?
Story of a Girl said…
very beautiful... so descriptive. So glad to get to read what you write on here=)
go_hughie said…
its so beautiful
i wish i had the capability to express myself like you have here
maybe someday, im only sixteen but ive got enough that ive been through to write 1000 pages

keep up the good work and god bless

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