why did the young vote not come out? answer below

in an article on msnbc (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6395182/?GT1=58090) and all over television the night of november 2nd they were debating the fact that the young vote did not come out as many had anticipated, being that 10% of people coming out to vote were first time voters, the same number that came out in 2000.
all these bandwagons against bush such as; rock against bush, punk voter, rolling stone magizine, nofx, vote or die, mtv (the most biased of them all), and others couldnt stop bush from becoming president, and im sure today they are wonderng why.
i have the answer.
if you look at the target audience of mtv (12-15 year old girls), rock against bush (13-17 year olds), punk voter (13-18), etc you see a startling fact that the vast majority of the audience that buys/watches their products/programing is under tha age of 18 and can not vote!!!
so next time fat mike of nofx wants to start a rally and rock against anything he might want to try and target some other people besides Mrs. Osbournes 7th grade history class.


Anonymous said…
Nice, obviously you're satisfied with the country's decision, as if I didn't already know that; you were among the first to come to mind when I found out. A lot from that conversation replayed in my mind on the grueling 6hr drive home...I'm not a political one, it's uncomfortable. After all, "words are very unnecessary, they can only do harm". Thanks again for the flattery, see you next week.

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