first day of tracking.

the machine that writes the music.
tracking guitar.

yesterday went amazing. after 2 stops at starbucks and lunch at crispers we ended up working 13 hours. i wish all the producers i worked with were this much of a workaholic. i could be like wayne newton (that guy has come out with more than 134 records!!!).

im off to track piano, will write more when i get good pictures.


dreams&tears said…
good work!!! i cant wait til it comes out!!!!
Kaila said…
Yay!!! I am so happy for you! I actually squealed. Ha. Good luck! I'll keep you in my prayers!
elizabeth said…
eagerly anticipating the cd. considering how good the purevolume stuff sounds, adding in copeland's producer should make it one heck of an album. i'm behind you 110% on this, and i think it's great that you're trying establish yourself in the music field as someone other than "anberlin's lead singer" (although i still do love anberlin). good luck!
Moe said…
I'm so happy for you that you found something that makes you happy. I'm sure all the effort and energy you put into your solo cd will shine through.

Let's not forget to sleep though. (13 hour day!!!) That's always a good thing.
macabre said…
im so extremely pumped up to hear this!!!
ill get it as soon as i can
inevitable said…
you are so amazing.
...and hot!
joanna said…
amazing :) congratualtions!
MH said…
That's awesome. Amazing. I'm really really glad for you.
Tracy said…
The pictures are great! And Starbucks always helps!

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