speaking engagement/orlando

i am speaking on dating relationships this sunday in orlando, florida.
for more info check out whatsyourstatus.com


dreams&tears said…
aww... im living in b.o.r.i.n.g. nj, and therefore will be nowhere near your talk? i am extremely curious though, what are you going to say?
Heather Noelle said…
ahh I really want to hear you speak on this but I know I wont be able to make it..is it being taped? and if so is there any way I could get a copy?
Kaila said…
Why can't I just live in Orlando? I should move there for you! Ha! All those speeches you do! Why can't I go to them! I MUST SEE IT!!! Ughh, well good luck I'll pray for you.
Moe said…
I'm with ya'll. I love this blog, but I really don't think it does Stephen any justice at all. Maybe I'll take a road trip one day. It would be a long road trip...I think I can live with going to sandy beaches and hearing Stephen speak though.
Anonymous said…
stephen, if i wasn't working till 10, i'd be there. i've been meaning to check status out for a while, but i usually close sundays.

Anonymous said…
I totally wanna know what you have to say...so can you PLEASE post it?? Pretty phu-lease???...with a cherry on top???
alonsa said…
This has nothing to do with you speaking...but did you ever get to meet Don Miller?
Anonymous said…
what exactly are your qualifications on the subject?
kris said…
to the person before me: since when did relationships/love require any sort of qualification? i would say, if anything, that no qualification is necessary, for everyone will fail and/or lack in this area at one point in there lives--whether it may be when you're 6 or 60.

just wondering, no hostility, i promise.

i'm so bummed i couldn't make it out to hear you speak (especially since it was in orlando this time...not gainesville). you'll be seeing an e-mail from me in the near future on such a topic.
til then take care,
kris :)

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