the second day of recording, and it feels as though it is going to become everything i hoped it was going to be.
yesterday we knocked out all the piano parts, and finished guitars. there are going to be some amazing moments on this EP.
alot of these songs are inspired by future memories. on several songs i pretended as though i was 70 years old and was writing songs about life lived. recently there have been alot of people i have come in contact with that have taught me about the different stages of life. jack and racheal, just starting out. angela and kyle, having first child. ken and michelle, in the heart of life. paul and bonnie arnold, in the winter of life but still in love. fascinating. fascinating that im going to experience all the stages in time to come. we all will.
who will we be then?
when looking back on life what would we wish we could tell ourselfs at this very moment.
i wish you all wiser than your age.


Anonymous said…
What an insightful post! Thanks for sharing those thoughts. :)

Hope the rest of your recording goes great!
inevitable said…
thank you
Moe said…
I wish I had an awesome keyboard like that one...
Or a grand piano. Those are pretty.

I can't wait to hear your CD!!! I love it when something makes me think. Which, by the way, you do.

Good Luck in finishing up the CD!
MH said…
I second that--that is one awesome keyboard.

That's awesome that recording for this EP is going to so well; I can't wait to see the final result!
macabre said…
you decided its only going to be an ep?!?!
im sad but will enjoy any music i hear from you
Meggios said…
That's awesome that you surround yourself by people that are in different stages of their lives. I believe that it is imperative to surround yourself by all different types of people in different stages, so that we can learn from those who are ahead of us & help teach things to those who are behind us. I know your song will inspire many to do the same.
patrick said…
rock on dude...very righteous...
Tracy said…
Good to know recording is going well. What a blessing it is to have people like that around us at different times. Sometimes they help to show us how not to make the same mistakes twice, other times they are there to encourage us and send us hope. It really IS fascinating.
Kaila said…
Thanks Stephen! That was awesome. I once again wish you luck. I am so glad to hear it is all going so well!!!
Cori said…
This is all so very exciting! I've been waiting for a solo album from you since Cornerstone Florida like, three years ago. I sat entranced on a concrete floor and thought I was watching Jeff Buckley incarnate. Good luck on the recording and congratulations on the success so far!


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