good news everyone. aaron is now officially mayor of space. we haven't started yet today because he had to purchase a sad happy tree day. no big deal.
we have started on the vocals already, and i couldn't be happier. we are going to leave a lot of 'mistakes' because i want the recording to sound real, like your actually in the studio or listening to us live. i have some acoustic shows coming up and will give you more info on them when i get it (including fordham university, nyc in december).

*if you want me to play at your university/coffee shop just fly me out and ill do it! email:


patrick said…
arson media group?

hmmm i have a friend who started something called arson media...
charlieeee said…
dang, if i had the csah i wud fly u out so fast to freezing london
Moe said…
*sigh* You mean to tell me you don't want to spend cash on a trip to Chicago?!?! Unfortunately, minimum wage does not earn enough to get you our here. But if it did, you'd love me forever, right? Free trip across the country...
MH said…
Hmm...I wonder how much it costs to get to Nashville...maybe if I emptied the piggy bank or sommat...
Did I mention how happy I am that everything is going well? Only like three or four times... :)

You're the best!
macabre said…
id love to do that, how much would plane tickets to akron/canton be for you? I would love to see you love more than you could ever imagine!!!
e-mail me and see if we could work anything out
Prich said…
I would fly you to Cincy, but tickets on expedia from Orlando to Cincinnati are around $300. Maybe I can win some money in the lottery and fly you up here.
deb said…
i love your pictures. they're so simple but conveys so much. i would fly you to melbourne, but i'm not working and i'm trying to conserve my savings for a car.
sj. said…
(comment on your myspace bulletin post)
you really reckon anberlin music makes babies?

anyways, awesome pictures..
good to hear the recording is goin sweet..
it's rad stuff.. love your 'second day' post..
yes, wisdom beyond years.

be blessed man.
Anonymous said…
what are you doing sunday december 11? how about a gig in california?
~katrina filinda blank

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