please help me get to haiti...

hello friends and family,
i wanted to fill you in and tell you about the opportunity i have to go to haiti for 2 weeks in may/june with a group of close friends, in several other bands, that i assembled. i got tired of telling people here on modesty that they should make a difference with their lives and realized that i need to go make a difference in more than just a music scene. i will be helping to add on a wing to an orphanage (and school) in the heart of port-au-prince, haiti. this is a dangerous trip as there have been several american kidnappings in recent history, but i can't let that stand in the way of potentially making a change in my life and in the world.
in light of this i am trying to raise money to get myself and several other people airlines, food, supplies, and lodging for the weeks we will be staying there. i have made limited addition (50) signed and numbered lithograph prints for my solo project (they are the size of a poster, and are a cardboard material). 100% of all the money received is going directly to this trip and nowhere else.
email me @ if you are interested in buying a lithograph and i will give you more info.
thanks so much friends,
stephen christian

if you want more information on what charity we will be working for check out their website,


Anonymous said…
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Lindsay said…
I will definitely be praying for you all and the trip.

I'm interested in helping, and will email you as soon as i'm done with this comment. I hope all your readers and fans help out as much as possible so you have the funds needed to go on this life-changing journey.

you're an inspiration, stephen.
Nathan Goodlet said…
Good Luck, I will pray for you and spread the word about your fundraising throughout my church and other friends here in Lakeland. I have been to Haiti, and it is very beautiful.
Prich said…
Sending out the check tomorrow morning. Have an awesome trip and I will be praying for you and your team as well. Take care!
David Jones said…
Sent you an e-mail. I'll be sure to remember you in my prayers. Are there any specific prayer requests that you may have?
Anonymous said…
I went to Haiti when i was 16 years old and it definitely changed my life - its so encouraging to see people who want to go there and make a difference in the lives of the amazing people in Haiti. i myself am planning on returning there sometime in the near future.

good luck and i will be praying for you stephen.
Anonymous said…
I'll be praying for you.
Anonymous said…
I almost exploded when I saw you're going to Haiti. I went when I was 14 and I'm now in college studying International Affairs because of that trip. I wish I could explain the sheer magnitude of what you will face there. It's uplifting, heartwrenching, beautiful, terrifying and fulfilling. You WILL NOT be the same. Oh man, Stephen, I'm so so very excited for you. I'll be praying for you, for sure. God bless you!!!
Jemimah said…
Hello, my friend told me about your site because you are going to Haiti - I have just come back from there - working with YWAM in St Marc and writing a book. It is an AMAZING place - God is moving. If you have any questions about Haiti please feel free to

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