you have heard, but have you ever really listened?

each one of us have heard of this speech but how many of you have ever really seen it? one of the most influential voices in america's history speaks words that are not simply for that time only, but for generations to adhere and apply into their lives.


Joe said…
Never saw more than the last part of the speech. That's truly amazing.

I have a desire to ask rap artists if Dr. MLK Jr. would approve of them saying the derogatory word they refer to each other as...

I'm not black, but I find it to be offensive.

Will we ever learn?
And if we did...
Will we ever change?
Andrea said…
You're right, I've never even heard the whole thing.
I think America has come a ways, but still, as I heard Carlton Pearson say
as long as there's races they'll be rasicm.
Anonymous said…
Speeches like this kindle the fire inside of me and give me hope.

There is some truth to the statement that Andrea brought up, but at the same time I think we if we just use that as an excuse we give ourselves reason to be resigned to the racism.

It's not right whether it will always be on this planet or not.

Thanks for sharing this video. I have seen it in its entirety before, but it's always a reminder of hope and dreams.
Lizzy said…
i've never seen this before. how wonderful. we still need people like this.
It always struck me how the most influential people are often the ones who are hurt fellow human beings....the ones they wanted to help. May he rest in peace. This speech will never die.
Curtis said…
There was an excellent documentary by the history channel last February called "King". It was a beautiful picture of the man and the times, and inspired awe in me as I watched, much like this clip.

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