Anonymous said…
niiiiiice stephen. nice.

inevitable said…
yeeeeeeaaaahhh! thats amazing.
cosmic castaway said…
Stephen, you amaze me. I just listened to your purevulume stuff, and I love it. I hope the UK tour is everything that you wished it to be. And, I'll be at the Dever show next Friday.
Janelle said…
That is awesome.
Kaila said…
Nice. Glad to hear everything is going so well. See you at the Denver show.
elizabeth said…
just listened to your purevolume stuff. "in retrospect it was obviously hell" is awesome, but really different from your anberlin stuff.

god bless
~Antonia said…
I LOVE YOU STEPHEN! Thank you for going after your dreams and showing the world that it is possible. I agree with what you said about London. When in that place where the modern reality collides with the ancient past, the world seems like there is no such thing as chaos. Everything is beautiful and hopeful. The streets lined with aged buildings are like opened arms welcoming one to what life should be like. See you soon.
Love, Ruthie Marie
MH said…
London. I miss it dearly--a few days to visit when you're 14 just isn't enough. If all goes well I'll be going back this summer.

I'm so very glad you're having an unbelievable time there!
alonsa said…
That is good...I leave for Russia on Friday and two of my goals are to see Lennin's body and where Dostoevsky was born.
thoughts going through my head while looking at this picture... (he's so cool) im glad your enjoying everything.
Sophia said…
I am pleased and honored to know that you are crossing off yet another accomplishment. You have now been to nearly all my favorite cities, particularly Manchester, more times than as many fleas I could count on the nub of the tail of the cat that claims my porch! I am glad to know you for as many years as I have without seeing time, detachment, notoriety and the lonliness of it all destroy you. I find that maintaining the strength of your charcater is far greater an accomplishment than touring Europe, playing sold out shows, or meeting Morrisey himself. I wish your time in the UK a joy.

- Julie
Who has also began a blog, a blather.
me said…
i'm so proud of you boys.
i'm so proud of where you've come from in the last few years.
i'm beaming with pride. :)
Anonymous said…
that's awesome. i'm so happy for you,enjoy the uk.
Anonymous said…
That is awesome stephen!! How are things going in life IM me sometime.. when you get some time..

Kim Tucker
Anonymous said…
i am glad for you.

Anonymous said…
congrats, and i too listened to your purewolume stuff, very refreshing. i saw you at the denver show last night, very good, you absolutely amaze me.

Lynber said…
That's a DOPE jacket you're rockin'

Steven..the man with the style and the vocals.

Used to be an old fan from back when you played with further seems forever, movielife at the social.

See you on 10/8 NYC
Story of a Girl said…
a photo to go with it. that's always awesome :)

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