manchester, england

here i sit in cafe nero in manchester, england. what a dream come true. i don't know how many of you know or care but i am the biggest smiths fan in the world (well not the world but, that i know). morrissey (stephen patrick morrissey) was born and raised right around here, and his mother still lives right behind the all girls school right down the road.
"meet me at the cemetery gates" was a line written about the south cemetery here in the city.
but for me the big event is on coronation street, the salford lads club. i have to take a taxi but i WILL get a picture in front of it today!
last night was so surreal, wondering the streets of london, england alone. this is something i have wanted to do for about 10 years now. i felt like i had stepped into a surreal movie, one i never wanted to get out of. the air was a bit cold but walking through the gardens @ buckingham palace was a memory i wanted to contain in a capsule and show the world. i don't know how life could have got better in those seconds. the entire world fell into place for me. life is good.


Anonymous said…
I'm so happy for you.. for all these exciting moments of your life. Thanks for sharing your journal with us.

My favorite band of all time was also a huge fan of the Smiths. Oasis are also from "Madchester." Burnage boys ;)
Cheers Stephen!!
Anonymous said…
Wow... Goodness i feel envious. Wish i had more friends like you,that adored them as much as I. I was actually listening to a few vinyl records by The Smiths. I thought of you all over there. I bet you are enjoying it. And the fact that you had the time to let the moments seep into your heart. You must have felt so awesome. It's something i bet you will always remember. Be good to your soul my friend.
paris in Flames said…
It's always been a dream of mine to walk on london streets at night and feel the bitterness of the cold against revealed cheeks because the rest of my face hides in the collar of my jacket.

It's a perfect movies scene and I'm soooooo happy you got to live it!!
Story of a Girl said…
Congratulations on how your dreams have come true over the years !

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