sigur ros

one of my favorite bands of all time has come out with an amazing album entitled "takk". imagine going to a museum of modern art and meeting God for the first time all in the same moment. yes. that is what this album is like. for sure.


inevitable said…
Wow... I love it. So many memories are on their way!
Anonymous said…
you probably get 23768263 requests a day to listen to people's bands, but anyway - - they're all huge fans of sigur ros and make their own beautiful and inexplicably spiritual music. thought you might enjoy.

marusekmi said…
they always make me saddd haha :(

but I love listening to them when i'm alone and just being able to take the moment in...
mmmmmi love sigur ros. i have their older album and now i cant wait to get their newest.
but the way you described it...does that really sum up the whole album?
andrew said…
AB, () and now Takk are all on regular rotation in my house these days. Such incredibly serene beauty in those sounds. Such beauty in which I find I encounter God over and over again.

Seeing them live in Toronto on Monday was an overwhelming experience. Glad you like them too!
Anonymous said…
i didn't know sigur ros. i listened 30 seconds of some songs from their older albums on mtv website.
they are the closest to what i have been longing for, especially these days. this is what i have been dreamt about as my company.
i'll be in city centre to buy their CDs in a hour.
thank you for telling me. please keep telling about your favorite music.
shypoet83 said…
stephen, josh likes them too. I think they are very good. Josh and I debate about whether or not they infact do have some sort of words in their songs. I swear I hear them saying something, but Josh always says I'm crazy. lol
Anonymous said…
sigur ros. beautifully pure

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