atheist at first sip

"The first sip from the cup of natural science makes one an atheist, but at thebottom of the cup, God awaits."
- Werner Heisenberg, nuclear physicist

thanks Lianne for the quote


Hero's Cousin said…
also Blaise Pascal said "a little philosophy inclineth men's hearts to atheism, but depth in philosophy turns his heart to religion."

The scientist would like to salute the amazingness of that Heisenberg quote. That is truly great stuff.
Anonymous said…
Heisenberg is right. Until quite recently, I was an atheist. But I got to the bottom of that cup he was talking about and I do think that I may have found God...but of course, I probably have a long ways to go before I can be 100% certain
Ali Afify said…
@ Hero's cousin
That was Bacon not Pascal

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