"To me, it sounds as though the point Da Vinci was trying to make somewhat
parallels a point C.S. Lewis makes in his book, Mere Christiantity. This
'everything in balance' does make sense. One illustration Lewis uses is that you can
understand sleep and why it is important when you're awake, but not while
you're sleeping. Or perhaps a more appropriate example is something that i am
often susceptable to: when you stay up late many nights cramming for that
important math exam that carries significant weight on your GPA, you do not see any of
the mistakes ('careless errors' so to speak) that you may make in solving a
problem, no matter how many times you check over it. then when the exam is
returned, now that you have had some time to relax, catch up on sleep and not
worry about the exam, you notice those careless errors that you shouldn't have
made, like adding when you clearly should have multiplied. schools schedule
prolonged breaks throughout the year as a chance for students to relax and get
refreshed. but when we are done with school, we have to learn to control the
balance ourselves. there is no set schedule for your fall or spring break. and
chances are (there are exceptions) there won't be a 2-3 month summer break. umm
that's all i have to say and i don't want to end it so abruptly but i'm not sure
how. so i guess 'the end' will have to do."

first i love your name, how elegant. but... please send me more on the subject of c.s. lewis and balance, i am very interested on what he has to say!


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