Evolution continued

"To Joseph. (meh... Don't post it if you think it's worthless ;) questionnaires mark
words I wasn't sure about)

I've searched too - I have found only parts of the entire answer so I'm still
searching. But a book which helped me much was a book from Peter school. Not saying
that I completely agree with it, but it is at least very interesting. He tries to
prove that the creation is not an evolution, but the opposite: it's a degeneration.
In Eden it was perfect and since then it went worse and worse, that would explain
things like Aids and Sears: new faults in the human DNA. (peters opinion about
mirco-evolution is that it's not evolution but just variety(?)) To me it was a
complete new idea. It has been translated in English and here's where you can find
the first chapter(?): http://www.evolutionisdegeneration.com/start.html click on
'the book' (it's a horrible site but... you'd just read the text"

Thanks L for writing,
i think evolution is such an amazing topic because people take it as such fact immediately just because their 9th grade science teacher told them it was true. Please do research if you believe or don't believe in evolution and write me at stephen@stephenchristian.us and tell me why/why not.


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