I'm trying to write something in reply to "Please do research if you believe or don't believe in evolution and write me and tell me why/why not." buthey, that's no piece of cake *shock* I don't believe in evolution, at least not in evolution as the origin of life. But why..? Well of course I have my arguments but i don't want to get a story like "cos the Bible tells me so - now I have to invent a nice theory that 6000 years makes fit in the I-don't-know-how-many million years of evolution" it is not like that. I know what I believe but it's hard to write it Darwin another language and in a short message. I'm trying, I'm trying. It's underconstruction, like 90% of all the things I'm doing."

please do not use the bible as a reference point on evolution simply because a debate between you and an evolutionists would end quickly in defeat because a macro-evolutionists would most likely NOT believe in the bible, therefore leaving your argument invalid in their eyes. When debating science it is best to use science. Religion with religion. Continue the search. Never settle for ignorance. seek and you will...


Story of a Girl said…
loving what you said about writing down even things that may sidetrack you! I heard that recently from a great author, Bob Sorge.

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