solitude + silence = serenity

previously i believe i quoted a saying that said
"solitude is the furnace of transformation", but i have learned through the course of this week that i believe that it is not only solitude, but silence.
try going one hour with no phone, no computer, no music, no talking, no internet, just you and serenity. i don't think many of you will try it because a lot of us are afraid of the outcome... your afraid of what you might hear in the still,   yourself.
others will start, they will get away into the woods, and then 10 minutes into it their mind will begin to wander and think of 110 other things they should be doing, and 10 minutes after that return home to reply to that email or return that "urgent call". but if you succeed in going an entire hour of silence, not saying one word, in solitude, i think you will find one thing easier to discover...yourself.


sui said…
i personally love doing this. going into the nearby park which becomes this amazing area of wilderness and just walking around and thinking. it makes me sad sometimes, sorrowful thoughts begin to emerge at times, but it is still peaceful and wonderful.
Anonymous said…
Stephen, you're exactly right, I don't do this because of a recent event in my life. I'm scared of silence. I have to fall asleep with music or television in the background. I take my phone in the bathroom with me to shower with music.
I've been quite inspired as of late to take a trip, alone with no music, the woods maybe.
Anyway, thanks for keeping such an inspiring blog.
It means a lot to me.

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