i was reminded of the book "the alchemist" today when it talked about the "whole world conspiring together when you concede to follow your dream". my friend max and christine sent me a gift, which included a book called 'wisdom of the ages' by wayne dyer. here we are on modesty talking about solitude and serenity and the first chapter of my new book is entitled "meditation" and starts out with these two amazing quotes;

Learn to be silent,
Let your
quiet mind
listen and absorb.
(580 BC- 500 BC)

and my favorite...

'All man's miseries derive from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone.'
- Blaise Pascal

On this topic of silence and solitude Mr. Dyer adds this...
"It has been estimated that the average person has sixty thousand separate thoughts each and every day. The problem with this is that we have the same sixty thousand thoughts today that we had yesterday, and we'll repeat them again tomorrow. our minds are filled with the same chatter day in and day out. learning to be quiet and meditate involves figuring out a way to enter the spaces between your thoughts... in this silent empty space between your thoughts you can find a sense of total peace in a realm that is ordinarily unknowable."


Anonymous said…
Learn what peace there may be in silence...The Desiderata

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