lets find out if this world is endless...

"I would rather live in a world where my life is surrounded by mystery than live in a world so small that my mind could comprehend it."
‚ Henry Emerson Fosdick


karen said…
hey stephen.
i love reading your blog.
it's real. it's honest. it's encouraging.
you're an amazing person.
i hope i'll get to meet you sometime in this lifetime...
love love love.
MH said…
Have I ever mentioned just how much I love the insightful quotes you post? But as much as I like them, I'd really like to see what you yourself have to say about what they say as well.

Thanks for being an amazing person worth looking up to.

Anonymous said…
to some degree, yes i'd like the world to be mysterious, but to a point where it wouldn't be corrupt. i'd like to know a lot more about the world, but sometimes knowing everything hurts you. or maybe its just my young, adolecent mind...
Anonymous said…
"Being alone is good, I didn't always like it but it seems so appropriate. I heard once that it is better to meet God alone than with someone who wouldn't understand."
-Noah Levine

Your quote just reminded me of this one from a book I almost finished reading.
Anonymous said…
so your picture is now on my xanga site - and i didn't put it there. and then while i was looking for churches online i entered a vineyard website and your music started to play. so i thought i'd say hi since it's been a while. if you want to stop by my xanga site sometime you may be amused by some of the entries, especially the most recent. xanga.com/katrina_blank
laurafee said…
me too.

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