ok 2 different people told me about and it is now my favorite site on the web!
people send in postcards that mirror their darkest secret, and announce it to the world anonymously.
i think a lot of things i can see in myself. and i think i love it so much because i almost feel normal.


Jen said…
i knew you'd love it. it's my favourite place in the world too. :)
Anonymous said…
I think the bridge one too, but I also believe I would survive the fall.
thebolands said…
i just discovered it, too.
i love it.
Anonymous said…
i just found out about postsecret last week. I found site a year or two back similar to post secret but without the postcards. it's
Lysh said…
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Aaron said…
I love PostSecret. I've been visiting it for a while and it's quite comforting in a sad, I'm not alone in dispair kind of way.
Vicky said…
I've been a huge fan of postsecret ever since it started. I anxiously await Sundays for the sole purpose of seeing the new cards. I can't even remember how I heard about it.
& I agree, going to that site makes me feel less odd. It's comforting to know people are going through this too.
I've found out secrets about myself that I never even realized until I saw a stranger's postcard.
It's beautiful.
laurafee said…
i felt the same way the day i discovered
Story of a Girl said…
wow. thanks for sharing it.

lol i think i've thought this too, don't know why though

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