stephen christian
brisban, australia
the paper girl


Jen said…
Beautiful. The girl looks like Avril Lavigne. I don't know if I'm very impressed with myself for knowing that. Maybe I spend too much time watching mtv...
Jen said…
I found a site today that I think you will like a lot. It is -by far- the most wonderful site I have ever come across. It's raw and incredibly honest. It's uplifting and touching and sad and... I don't know what else to say about it.
me said…
amazing stephen. you never cease to impress me with your talents! God blessed you boy!

Anonymous said…
you never cease to amaze me either... you are quite something you know that? i wanted to say you have inspired many people to just let out their feelings in a blog including me. and today i bought the book "Blue Like Jazz" because i was interested in what you have said in a earlier post and i wanted to read it ever since. thanks for that. im reading again.

Story of a Girl said…
Wow, that is an awesome work. Wow, you are gifted in so many ways.

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