my friend josh tillman is also one of the most refreshing musicians i have ever had the pleasure of listening to. i think when you hear him you will agree.

you can listen and order his new CD from his site
do yourself a huge favor and check his stuff out.


Anonymous said…
just wanted to say thanks again for the reply. I couldnt get my mind off it. the word play in my head like a recorder. It meant SO much! Thank you!

Elizabeth said…
I like it, kinda makes your heart beat a little slower, you know relaxes and takes your stress away for five minutes out of the day, which I needed today
Lianne said…
a recommendation back: Emmett Tinley.
It's like a mix from Jeff Buckley, Turin Brakes, and early Leonard Cohen. Sad and emotional but very beautiful. the audio on his own website isn't available yet, a video is downloadable at
Lianne said…
*emotional is an ugly word here.
Sensitive is better.

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