the orphaned anything's

"when walking downtown here this evening, i intermittently look around at all these people with their armani suits, and the women with there channel handbags and matching scarves and wonder why they were so lucky to be born with everything figured out. they just look like they know what they are doing. if they have any insecurities at all it has been masked by there flawless makeup smiles and grappling, prestigious, and manly hand shakes. how do they get their teeth so white, how did they get success as a genetic predisposition, have they read some timeworn text that i have not yet ascertained? did they figure out who moved the cheese and why and did they get it back?
they look so... found.
and i feel so...opposite.
does money make one gratified? have i missed my calling? we have all heard the saying that money doesn't make a person happy but @ this point in life i have no money and i am not totally willing to try the whole rich thing. i could be guineane pig to prove or disprove the previous theory.
at times i believe that if i don'’t get enough zeros behind my bank account statement that my family, this society, our populace, and that girl in the lingerie advertising will never be pleased with my life. why is money the mark of success? when did passion and desire become replaced with economic and financial wisdom as the chief character trait desired in a potential life companion? will my spouse never feel secure if i do not obtain? hence and therefore eliminating possibilities of a nostalgic future, with a memory laden past.
the america's are consumed with consuming!
will i never afford a car that goes 0 to 60 in whatever numbers the fastest? will i never have a white picket fence? will my 2.5 kids hate me for raising them in a home wherreverieveire love and loyalty over stocks and bonds?
my reassurancerance in all this is my confusing self inflicted lie that i am a nonconformist, and money would never make me satisfied. i wear my hair like a mop, i wear these clothes because your not, i sell- you bought in. i know who che is, my shoes don't color coordinate with my shirt, on purpose. i have read the communist manifesto, and wrote in the margin's, i don't pay taxes. voluntarily.

i am a nonconformist, just like everyone else. "
-ayden kosacov
the orphaned anythings

so, as a couple of you know i have been writing a book, the orphaned anythings, for about 10 months now. the ending is killing me or i would have let you read it by now. this was a little excerpt. ill tell you more as the story gets closer to getting done.
cheers for now,


Asouth said…
stumbled upon your blog...nice work. It's crazy how hard it is in our society to seperate Achievement from Identity...can't wait to check out the book.
Lianne said…
Chanel handbags, I suppose?

I like it. But I think I'd really like to ask you some questions about what you wrote.
MH said…
I'm interested...good luck with the ending!
shane said…
that's great you're writing a book. i've recently decided on doing the same. if it gets turned into a movie, expect a request for one of your songs on the OST...
Jen said…
"they look so... found.
and i feel so...opposite."

i love that.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful, but more importantly, real.

If you need an editor, let me know.

sakana said…
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sakana said…
it is a question that has never been answered, a question for human beings especially in our time; how to form the self that is to be exposed to society, how to attain the identity...some people need to borrow the brand-name power and what marketers offer as "sophisticated" lifestyle.
i'm not brave enough to ask them whether they are really happy. even though i want to try to touch their lives, they look self-contained within themselves and between them, and it seems i can't find a thread to reach their lives. because i look like totally a different type. and i am.
if money separates our lives, it is a sad thing.

i've never heard of your book. is this a book which merely ordinary people like me can have?

aoi megumi
Yo Stephen,

Thanks for posting the link to your blog over at myspace. This is a cool excerpt. I'm sure a lot of folks think that being famous automatically makes you rich, but oh how far from the truth is that? See you the next your in Cali -- or perhaps if we're both home in Florida at the same time, but how likely is that?

-Daniel Bloodworth
Anonymous said…
you ever wonder if our society is killing itself with the "customer is always right" mentality we instill in ourselves? i see people at stores who treat the employees like they are the dirt on their shoes. is this part of our generational degeneration?

jacquelyn said…
I love this excerpt!!! How truly does it say what I think to myself daily as I walk through the crowded streets on my way to a job that I only attend so that my bills may be paid. Hence allowing me to accumulate more "stuff". Sad as it may be, is the precious amount of time we have to "sell" worth the "conformity"? Most days, I think not; yet I drag my ass into work, promising myself that tomorrow I just going to keep on driving. not stop. not play their game. not conform.

Enough about my thoughts. I love your music and come to see you guys whenever I can at all the local Philly & NJ shows. Looking forward to reading your book.
Christopher B. said…
haha chuckled at the line about 'did they figure out who moved the cheese?'
I remember that book at my table in 12th grade
hotel said…
interesting how (usually) men see their insufficiency in money and women in beauty
but "not all who wander are lost"

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