case 2: abortion

"I believe abortion is not a practice which many, if any, believe to be
"good". At best it is a necessary evil. There are all kinds of legitimate
reasons for the procedure that I would not feel comfortable confronting an
aborting mother over. Such reasons include rape, faulty "protection", or
even terminal diseases which are bound to be passed on to the child. But
then there are reasons which I struggle to accept, not that my opinion on
the matter is of any real significance to anyone but myself. Thank god.
These are excuses such as not wanting a child, or because one's boyfriend/
husband does not want one, or because the father left and the mother does
not want something to remind her of him. There is also the outstanding
return rate to a clinic, over 50 percent of aborters return within a year
for a second abortion. Now personally I hate the thought of a life being
stripped away by a glorified coat hanger, only to have another brother or
sister join them in whatever after life they may go to within a year in most
cases. And then I really start to get confused when you examine the legal
loop holes created solely for this practice. Loop holes like clinical life
beginning with a heart beat, which does not occur until just months before
birth, yet the definition for clinical death is the cessation of brain
activity, which oddly enough starts within a few weeks of conception. All
of these reasons point me towards the pro life side of things, until I mix
my religious beliefs with things. You see I am trying hard to be a
christian and i know this is where my logical argument is throw out the
window. Most christians use the biblical verse, I created you in your
mothers womb blah blah blah. But I am surprised that none quote the most
glorious gift given to man, choice. We all have the choice between that
which is good and that which is evil, now whether you consider abortion evil
or not is no one's business, but what is important is the choice. After all
if it was not for choice Cain would not have killed Abel, Jesus would have
been nothing special, and the devil would still be God's best friend. "I
may not agree with what you say but i will defend to the death your right to
say it." That pretty much sums up my feelings on abortion, I would never
advise anyone to do it if I were sought for council. But I would never tell
anyone they don't have the choice, or that they are wrong for doing it.
After all I believe it is not me that everyone has to answer to when the
time comes, and I don't have time to worry about others mistakes, whatever
they may be, I have more than I can handle on my own."

favorite point "There is also the outstanding
return rate to a clinic, over 50 percent of aborters return within a year
for a second abortion."
to me it doesnt sound like pro-choice anymore but pro-convienence.
my question is this, if there are so many "pro-choice" people out there how come most of the same people are anti-gun, or pro-gun banning. i think hard lined pro-choice people should be a little more honest and call out what they really are pro-abortion, because they dont seem to care about choice on other topics.


Anonymous said…
People can not be that simply generalized when it comes to their beliefs. Our ability to form our own opinions is one of the many things that make us human. One of our biggest faults is trying to rationalize things that simply cannot be. Saying that someone cannot be pro-choice if the are pro-gun banning is a false rationalization. Yes there are people that are more pro-abortion than they are pro-choice, but they can not cause a generalization. This would be like taking an extreme norm and applying it to all situations. Like a person who is more aggressive after playing a violent video game, does not mean that every person who plays that game will become more violent. We try to make sense of the situation and try to explain how that person behaves, but sometimes we must understand that we cannot explain everything. We all have our beliefs, opinions, and definitions of what is right. What is important is that we stand up for our rights, and respect the rights and choices of others.
Aan Jamhari said…
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