my top 5 books in 2004

these are the top 5 books that i thought were the most inspirational or educational this year for me personally. none were written in 2004, i just happen to get around to reading them this year, thats all.
1. The Good Earth- Pearl S. Buck; One reason I adored this book was not even the content of well written literature, but the life behind the book. She helped break down racial barriers well before the civil rights movement had taken flight. Her life is a novel of devotion and courage. The book itself is a wide open look at the Chinese culture around the turn of the century. Touching, lifelike, a coming-of-life book.
2. Da Vinci Code- Dan Brown; not for the weak of faith. intriguing to say the least, the last fiction book that kept me up at night in anticipation. Not as factual as just a really good novel.
3. Treason- Anne Coulter; An non-fiction conservative book about the McCarthy era communist scare in the 50's & 60's. Eye opening for all Republicans, convicting for all liberals. Well written, very educational, causes even the bravest New York Times editor to shake in his book. (also see Slander)
4. The Great Gatsby- F. Scott Fitzgerald; A Classic, if 'Catcher and the Rye' is the mother of all coming of age books, this is the father. Tragedy, Interpersonal Communication, Inner Dialog, this book completes the series in the genre.
5. A heartbreaking work of staggering genius- Dave Eggers; This book inspired me, not so much to read more of his works, but to write my own book. i may not be able to do a work of literature as good as his but at least to try: and thus it is on my top 5.

Notable Mention: How soon as never (marc spitz)- only read if you love the band "the Smiths."


Anonymous said…
Gatsby is a personal fav. Nice choice.

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