"In all honesty, it doesn't matter to me whether or not someone has an abortion. Most women do not have abortions as birth control, but because they simply cannot care for the child for whatever reason. Sometimes a woman becomes pregnant through rape and sometimes through incest. Most of these women do not have the mental capabilities to care for a child under these conditions. There's also circumstances where the mother is in bad health and will die if she haves the child. Abortion cannot be called murder if it's not of malicious reason. BUT THERE'S ADOPTION,which is always an option, and the decision is up to the mother. Most babies that are adopted are white males in perfect health, yes, in today's society! How many parents honestly want to adopt a child with a handicap or of another race, not many. the rest are left to be salvaged through and protected by the state and no child should grow up parentless. A fetus cannot feel pain until the 8th week, therefore if an abortion is performed before then, the fetus will not feel it. if KILLING IS MURDER NO MATTER WHAT: then why is war so justifiable? Our constitution protects the woman's right to choose because a citizen of the US is someone who is born or naturalized and a fetus has not been born, therefore this will never change.
Forget your religious beliefs for a second: now, you're married and you're in medical school, you're wife is working on her masters. already you're tight for money and time and it's just the 2 of you. you're wife is on the pill so that she will not get pregnant until you two are ready. birth control pills are only 99% accurate, which means that 1 out of 100 times conception takes place. So say you're wife becomes pregnant while on the pill but she doesn't know it, so she continues to take the pill. Over the course of a couple weeks, the daily pill tears away at the fertilized egg until the fetus is no more. You're wife just performed an abortion without knowing it - - she used medication to terminate her pregnancy. BUT SHE DIDN'T KNOW IT, yet it still happened, a potential child was terminated by a medical procedure, and in the end, it's an abortion. If abortion were illegal, is it fair this women gets away with it simply because she didn't know...the fetus was still killed? What constitues a "person" making this "person" capable of rights: consiousness, ability to feel pain, ability to reason, to communicate, if it has DNA, what? (hair, blood and fingernails have DNA,does that make them people, or give them rights?) BUT YOU COULD BE KILLING A FUTURE PRESIDENT OR THE PERSON WHO CURES CANCER: true, but you can't determine the potential of an unborn fetus, for all we know, it could be the next Hitler or Manson. Despite all my pro-choice views, I do not, and will never, support post-birth abortion, which is illegal and for very good reasons. Oh, by the way, you need to set up a purevolume or something for your independent stuff because we miss it"

great points ash, very convincing. does anyone else have a reply before i give my oppinion? email me at


Sasha said…
Ash, you said everything I would have liked to say. Very convincing.

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