illogic? 9=240,000,000; the supreme court thinks so.

The question that reverberates through my mind is how does anyone hope to establish any government, that is not anarchy in every sense of the word, based on laws set by a relativist's perspective? Even if a person believes in moral relativism he could not hope to establish laws without hoping that who he governed do not share the same views, or eventually his government would be obliterated by broad interpretations of his law.
Yet America, through its judicial system (namely the Supreme Court) is slowly rising to the occasion with such men as Chief Justice Fred Vinson sitting amongst them.
"To those who would paralyze our Government in the face of impending threat by encasing it in a semantic straitjacket we must reply that all concepts are relative."
All concepts are relative? Relative to what? Popular opinion? yes, that could be a valid argument considering America is a majority rules society. But if it is an opinion to what the individual justice's personal convictions? I must oppose.
The left hold to a "living, breathing constitution," which means they can change it according to what they think, feel, or hold as morality (or immorality). Why, or should I say how, did the Supreme Court feel they could steal from our lips the right to interpret the law according to what the feel instead of the consensus of the majority.

A few court cases which prove this point is; the court making it illegal for students to participate in short student led prayer at sporting events? (Santa fe indep. sch. dist. v. doe) (2000). There is Lee v. Weisman clergy may not lead prayers at public school events. stone v graham 10 commandments taken down from public school classrooms. engel v vitale prayer and bible reading were "stripped" from public schools. Abington v. schlep the court said no to Lord’s Prayer at beginning of school day.
"Once again, in order not to offend a contentious minority, the Court decided to trample the rights of the majority."
-P. Robertson
Here are the statistics opposing every court case listed above
80 percent of Americans favor prayer in school,
85 percent oppose partial birth abortions,
65 percent oppose same sex marriage,
'huge majority' want the phrase "under God" to remain in the Pledge of Allegiance,
94 percent say they believe in (a)God.

Even if you don’t agree with religion of any type being in the school system, you cannot disagree that we as a united America were founded on the democratic theory of majority rules. This majority rule’s principle has since then clearly been replaced by 9 people appointed into office. A few speaking for all is called Dictatorship, why then do we allow these judges to put words into our mouths. hence, 9 speaking for the 240,000,000 of us.


Sasha said…
I learned this is government class-

The majority isn't always right. We have a constitution to interpret and follow.

When the schools were integrated, more than 50% of americans did NOT want the change.

The constitution is meant to protect the minority.

Anonymous said…
but sasha, at the same time, the minority isn't always right either. the judicial system is there to make sure that the rights of no citizen are trampled upon. and lately, the rights of a majority have been due to not wanting to offend a minority. i keep reading in the newspapers and seeing on the news about christian kids in high schools who are suspended or threated with suspsension for wearing shirts like Rock for Life (anti-abortion organization) or ones that have scripture verses on them. yes, there is a line that needs to be drawn, but it needs to be drawn down the middle of the road, not on one side of it.

Sasha said…
You're absolutely right, Reid. We have to find the middle of the road.
Anonymous said…
Nobody's right so let's all stop wasting our time. Government is a stupid idea anyway.
Anonymous said…
The problem seems to be that everyone is tolerant of everything except for Christians. Someone could wear a Marilyn Manson shirt to school, which may offend someone, but no one does a thing. Yet if a kid wears a shirt that has a verse on the back, it's offensive and the kid better change his/her shirt. Same thing with prayer in school... especially the student-led prayer issue. If my friends and I want to pray before an event, or prayed around the flag pole... then who really cares? It is not a required activity. I can do what I want, and if I want to pray, then I will pray.

In the aspect of majority rules...
Regardless of beliefs or or nonbeliefs, or whatever... we are founded on a nation of a majority ruling, in votes. There are issues that are passed and ruled upon without a country wide vote... but even so, majority rules still takes place in congress and the supreme court. So even when the majority is wrong... it's still what goes.

Even though the majority of Americans did not agree with the intergrating of schools... that decision was not left up to the majority of Americans. It was up to the majority of the courts. I would definately say that the courts aren't doing a good job of interpreting the constituion well, now, but that is by my standards. It's almost as if a new kind of discrimination is being created, by the government and their rulings. The things that are being left to the government are things that don't affect them... they affect us. So leave those decisions up to us.I think that many of the decisions that our government makes shouldn't be up to them.

Getting back to how we have a consitution in place to follow and interpret. We don't always do a good job of interpreting it.
"All men are created equal."
Well there's something in the consitution that has been interpreted thousands of different ways. So even when an attempt to interpret the consitution is made... we still fail. Because we're all humans... and we all fail.

I think I got off topic, and went off on some tangents.

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