In Defense of Naivete

In Defense of Naivete

"I got an e-mail from my friend David today."
"Oh yeah. What did he have to say?" Shane turned on the blinker and
glanced back to make sure it was okay to change lanes.
"Not much," I replied. "Just that he loves me and that he's praying for
"WHAT?!" Jealousy raged in his voice. I was surprised the car didn't come
to a screeching halt. "Can I beat this guy up?" He obviously wasn't happy
about some other guy telling his girlfriend that he loved her.
"No. Don't worry about it," I assured him, "He's just one of my good guy
friends that I've been working with." He was still somewhat skeptical, but
I continued on, "You know . . . it's kind of crazy that he can write and
tell me that . . . but you can't."

There had been several nights that he had held me in his arms and I had
pondered when the words "I love you" would be spoken between us. I was
ready to say them, but I knew that I couldn't until he did first.

"But Marie, that's different" he defended himself, "And I've told you
before, I promised myself that the next time I told a girl that I loved her,
it would be different. I care a lot about you and I don't want to say or do
anything that might hurt you."

The dialogue continued as we discussed the 3 words for love found in the
Greek language - agape, eros, and philao. And we talked about the passage
in Scripture that begins with the statement, "Love is Patient." We both
agreed, love is far more than feelings that come with eros romantic love;
true love is one of commitment.

A Month Later

After a carefully thought-out evening that started with a sunset picnic in
the Arboretum, we strolled through the city until we found ourselves in
front of Hill Auditorium. The steps leading up to the entrance invited us
to join them. So we walked them together and Shane led me to the base of a
grand pillar - the perfect place for him to sit and hold me in his arms.
And it was perfect . . . except for the passing of time.

The bell tower across the street reminded us that it was approaching
midnight and that we couldn't stay there forever.
"It's getting late. Maybe we should go." I hated to bring it up, but I
knew Shane needed to get back.
"Not yet." He wrapped his around me a little tighter. I didn't argue. I
didn't want to leave either.

"Yes Shane?"
"I had a really good time tonight."
"Me too."
"Yes Shane?"
"I'm going to miss you."
"I will miss you too."
"Yes Shane?"

"I love you."
"Are you sure?" I gently questioned him and internally questioned myself
if I was ready to return the words.
"Yeah I'm sure." So was I.
"I love you too."

And then words were sealed with a kiss and the bell tower joined in the
pronouncement of our love. It was midnight, and the first day of a new
month, and the first day our deepened commitment together.



Sasha said…
Love is so complicated, I don't think that I have ever been in love.

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