A Confused Identity
"Pen names, a stage name, an alias, all conceal the identitiy of what is real.
Hidden behind another name, preconceived notions and misconceptions are laid aside.
Finally, freedom is obtained to be anything because nothing is expected. One
becomes new, untainted by the past. For the past has faded away and only freshness
remains. Samuel Langhorne Clemons is my hero for he understands my position. I
like the brilliancy of writing to write rather than writing to be someone or
something in someone's mind. For when one reads and knows not the person behind the
words, it is only the words that are heard. And words want to speak without being
judged. But eventually the pseudonym becomes someone and a warped reality prevails
leaving the truth behind. Is it Samuel Langhorne Clemons or is it Mark Twain? And
if he is Mark Twain, then who am I?
Goodbye Modesty Blogspot"
~Katrina Marie Blank

touche, it is not the writer but the writings that matter here, but if an alias is needed than so be it, for we all enjoyed what you had to say.


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