Friday, January 16, 2004

"why not go back to paris and find her?"

it couldn't work out, she is not who she used to be at the days of the Eiffel. its funny how i still look for qualities of her in other people, but the person she is now is confusing, and i was in love with who she was; not who she is. i would be chasing a pipe dream, a fairy tale which includes a time machine. i am happy now, life moves on and i learn from the past. i used to tell people that i have no regrets, and would never regret anything in my life. now i see i just needed to grow up and realize that regrets are simply failures, and failures are a necessary part of life because we learn from our mistakes. if we keep making the same mistakes and never learning then we are a failure! so i can safely say i regret some things that i have done in my past but i have learned and don't ever count the memories as failures because i have learned... and moved on.

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