i thought she would be here by now.
as if the gentlemen known as love had a time piece.
i wonder if he walks the street in solitaire, also.
i know he does not*
for if he did he would understand the lament in my heart,
and would be here, at least by now.
what if he is with his lover, by a fire.
she is reading to him, listening to vinyl
(an orchestra i presume, or at least something of mood).
he is busy. in love.

or maybe he is tired.
maybe i should not bother him,
he has had a long day at work and we all know love is manual labor.
he has clocked out working several jobs and is expected in kiev tomorrow.

i'd better not disturb him.
maybe he has bad vision.
maybe he is near sighted and i am not the flamboyant type.
well im must inquire as to an appointment for him
or a more boisterous shirt for myself.

maybe he is a she. yes!
and she has fallen madly in love with me and is searching the god's
for a way to become mortal,
and we will live out our romance in the south of france for eternity.
oh how suddenly am i in love with love!
i now realize i am only in love, with love.



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