"Fate First, Followed By Intellectual Decision

Call it fate, call it divine appointment, call it whatever you would like. But
whatever you call it, somehow lifeÂ’s circumstances have led you to someone. And
they will continue to lead you to many different someone's. Some will make you weak
in your knees, twitterpated if you will, others you will allow to pass by going
unnoticed. But when someone does catch the attention of your heart and mind, choice
steps in.

Will he have the nerve to pursue this woman? Or will he allow intimidation and fear
of rejection stand in his way? And how will she respond? Will she run from him in
fear of falling in love and having her heart broken once more? Are both parties
ready to be committed to someone else? Has he fallen for whom she really is or has
her outward beauty seduced him? Has she fallen for him simply because he is showing
her the attention she desires? Or has she fallen in love, not with his
accomplishments, but with the man that he is?

Is a relationship even an option or does age difference or life calling stand in the
way? And can barriers, such a geographical distance, be overcome?
Is the person worth the sacrifice? Is the person worth the effort? Is the person
worth taking your own life and intertwining it with theirsÂ’? Hopefully some day we
will all have the opportunity to say yes to these final three questions, but until
then . . . "

M, so many questions- what happened to love at first site..This sounds more like love after first interrogation, which is love by choice not love by fate. assessing the other person, finding their positives and negatives, seeing if you can live with their flaws and not being able to live without their touch. my friend you have joined the choice cult.


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