' "maybe he is a she. yes!
and she has fallen madly in love with me and is searching the god's
for a way to become mortal,
and we will live out our romance in the south of france for eternity.
oh how suddenly am i in love with love!
i now realize i am only in love, with love."

That's so right. It's too right. I think it just hit me like a ton of bricks, it
took a few readings. Here are some things I've found the past few days.

"For love is blind and lovers cannot see"
-- William Shakespeare

Things are predetermined, right? loophole. I make mental lists of what I want in
life, in my career. Like a self fulfilling prophecy, also known as the Pygmalion
Effect. (Pygmalion, “who unhappy with the women in his city, decided to carve a
statue to be his wife, Galeata. Aphrodite granted his wish that the statue come to
life." And Hawthorne’s work, “Drowne’s Wooden Image”.) it's no wonder Dali's wife is
named Galeata. Art does imitate life. Serendipity, Down To You, how to lose a guy in
10 days, any teenage melodramas starring mandy moore. heh. but seriously.

Relationships take work. It’s like a plant you have to be patient with and watch it
grow. Mistakes are made. But all is fair in love and war. I guess it's only 'meant
to be' depending on how much each person WANTS it to be. So I will go with Choice.

"Love is blind
I want it all tonight and love is blind
Falls in love with itself again like it never should the way it always can
Oh and she is mine but the world is so much bigger now
Oh tell me should I hold her hand and give her love or take her heart and throw it
far away?"


I will not be writing to you anymore about these topics."

why not write more about this topic, you obviously have thought it through several times.
i think i am going to take sculpting classes now and befriend Aphrodite.


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