" "its funny how i still look for qualities of her in other people, but the
person she is now is confusing, and i was in love with who she was; not who she
is. i would be chasing a pipe dream, a fairy tale which includes a time
machine. "
I have found that I do the same thing. Its hard to not compare someone to
another that you liked so much. You just love every quality about that person who
you "fell in love with" that you want someone to be the same so you still
have the person you lost.
"I personally call it lust at first sight since I think hormones play a
bigger part than an instantaneous connection."
I believe that is true. I don't really believe there is love at first sight.
In my opinion I believe when you get to know someone you start to love them.
So basically you are judging "the book by its cover" if you say it was love
at first sight. Which many people deny they do but if you say it was love at
first sight then obviously it is lust because you lust after that certain person
and what they appear to be at that moment not who they really are.

I have read this for some time now and I have been reading what people are
saying. I am in "lust" with a guy. He has yet to know and it kills me inside for
him not to know. I always think of ways to get him a lone and talk to him but
then I chicken out. I was questioning am I in love with the guy who I met a
long time ago or am I in love with the same guy. I think the statement love is
blind is so true. It blinds you from who the person really is and you see only
the good until you stop being in lust with that person. Then you see the bad.

"i used to tell people that i have no regrets, and would never regret
anything in my life. now i see i just needed to grow up and realize that regrets are
simply failures, and failures are a necessary part of life because we learn
from our mistakes. if we keep making the same mistakes and never learning then
we are a failure! so i can safely say i regret some things that i have done in
my past but i have learned and don't ever count the memories as failures
because i have learned... and moved on."
I like how you put that. It made me think a lot about how I tell people I
will never regret what I do. I really don't regret a lot. I have done some stupid
things for a sixteen year old but I still do not regret them. I feel you do
learn from you mistakes and grow from them. I know that I done see it as
helping me until I look back and see that I did fail. Its tough to admit it
especially if you are as stubborn as I am. I grow in my relationship with god, my
friends and my family by my mistakes. I think it takes mistakes to fully grow up
and become mature.
I liked how you said you don't ever count the memories as failures because
you have learned and moved on. I totally I agree even if they were failures in
my life I still learned from them so they are as good as the happy memories.
I'm not really sure how to end this so..."
- Jess"

thanks jess for your input, i like the book by the cover bit... looks and pseudo intellect can be so deceiving.


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