" 'Peace..I have escaped the thing of which you speak, and I feel as if I had
escaped a mad and furious master." --Cephalus (Plato's Republic)
Sadly, this is my vision of love. I realize that this sounds bitter, though
that is one thing that I'm certainly not. While love is something completely
welcomed, there is a definite peace that can be obtained by losing it.
Loss of love is supposed to be saddening, and loss of love is just that: a
loss. But it can certainly be argued that there is gain to be had in the
procurement of said peace. I feel about fate that this Peace will be felt
in an alternate direction; meaning that I'll not wish for any other peace
than the one felt with that person which 'fate" has granted me. I am a
little concerned that in all of my fickle nature that I might "choose" the
wrong option (and by option, I only mean yes or no) when faced with this
hypothetical being. I agree that it's a nice thought that there's someone
exactly complimentary to me, though it's in no one's best interest to get
carried away. For now, I'll stick to the choice theory, and pray that I'll
be shown otherwise. (mostly because I do not trust my judgment.)"
-jen seattle

i feel we share the same sediments. my mind says destiny is impossible but my heart still hopes.


Story of a Girl said…
I agree. That's where faith and trust in Him come to play.

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