Swarms of people stream by while I drudgingly wade through the crowd. I glance from
side to side wondering if he's passing me by. A few glances are returned, but with
each reply I know it's not him. I wonder if he's thinking the same as me,
questioning where is this person with whom my life is to be intertwined? Has
destiny slipped beyond my reach? We both wish that we would fall upon each other's
eyes and simply know the stranger we see, is no stranger at all. We'd halt in our
tracks and in silence acknowledge the soul standing in arms length away is finally
in reach of a life together. Tears creep from my eyes, for this is the moment of
fate that I have been praying for.

The Other Side

The man of wisdom stood before me, speaking words of truth and destruction - the
truth of his theology, the destruction of my hope.

"I could have married many different women and still remained in God's will.
There's not a 'the one' out there until you've chosen one and then at the words of I
do, she becomes 'the one.'"

Psalm 139:16
All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came into

Before we even came into being, God knew our life's course. He knows, but amidst
his omnisciency, He allows choices to be made. Although there may be a more perfect
spouse for everyone in this world, commitment supersedes wandering aimlessly year
after year wondering if this will be the year that the most perfect someone will
fall into view. The most intimate of human relationships is as the mystery of
Christ and the church - a mystery in which glory is given unto God. God is love and
a Godly marriage exemplifies Christ's love, as those who live in Him make his love

Yet the "enemy" prowls, perhaps even before the fate of realizing beauty. For it is
known that two beautiful people together will bring heightened beauty to this
sore-filled world. So as in the movie Serendipity, two individuals on two separate
elevators choose the same floor to build their future. But a child of "the enemy"
destroys the path of destiny by pushing buttons that delay the meeting until the
chance has forever passed. And both are left all alone.


how eloquently put, but what is the balance between faith/destiny/ and choice m?
how far do we let ourselves pursue? Do we sit back and wait for destiny (faith) to drop an open door upon our lap, or do we "seek and (you will) find"? God never told us who to love, but how to love. (love your neighbor as yourself, do unto others...)


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